Alumni Clock Dedication

Alumni Ryan Carty, Jeremy Carty, Ginny Carty, Alumni Tom Dodds, Jim Howard, Alumni Jeff Seed, Rideaus Blake Kettyle and Ethan Wardman (Carleton Place).

Dec.21, 2017 :   No better way to ring in the holiday season than coming together for Rideaus hockey in our greatly enhanced and renovated “Tin Palace”. Time to recognize and appreciate the efforts of many that resulted in the fantastic new centre ice clock.

As great ideas always do, what started small,  as “what if, can we do this”  discussion among a few  Alumni, evolved into an all hands on deck, fundraising effort to raise the money required to make it happen. In the beginning, small donations were received, every little bit helps, but it was not until Alumni Ryan Carty and the Carty family, during a difficult time, stepped forward with a generous request. That is when the ball really got rolling. Then we were really off and running, and so it was only fitting that the Alumni made sure Mike Carty’s name holds a special place on our clock.

            Working with Ryan and Rideaus Alumni Jeff Seed, the next task was put in motion, an Alumni fundraising weekend/celebration on Sept 2, 2017. All in honor of the Rideaus 50th anniversary and the jersey retirement ceremony of our most famous Alumni Jimmy Howard of the Detroit Red Wings. For those that were able to take part and help in any way shape or form, our very sincere gratitude as that weekend was an unqualified success ! Capped off when Jimmy matched our fund raising total, thus we not only met but exceeded our goal. As such we honour all Rideaus Alumni (and of course Jimmy), with the Sept.2, 2017 date now holding a special place for the Rideaus Alumni and the Howard family. In the arena main foyer you will now find Jimmy’s picture, along with his hockey path to the NHL – permanently and beautifully displayed. Along with recognition for the Alumni efforts that resulted in the Sept 2 event and or course our centre piece clock.